Porter, M. E., (2012). Business and social good: What is the role of investors? In: UBS Q-SERIES conference. New York, 3 October 2012. Boston: Harvard Business School.

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Implications for Investors: Evolving Approaches


Measuring Shared Value

  • Measure the direct link between social impact and economic impact

– Line of sight

  • Measures unique to the type of shared value being created
  • Intentional and focused

Shared Value Measurement in Action

  • Intel measured the impact of its technology on student performance in its Education Transformation Strategy
  • The company achieved market leadership in the growing global market for mobile computing for K-12 education

The Purpose of Investing

  • The fundamental purpose of investing is to allocate capital to companies who can earn an attractive return
  • The highest societal value of investors comes from selecting companies that will use capital well, monitoring their fundamental success and intervening to improve performance

  • Shared value can multiply the societal impact of the capital invested by business
  • If the investment behavior of investors increases the flow of capital to companies that create shared value, the societal purpose of investors is greatly amplified