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SMC-HLC(Samsung Medical Center, Health Leaders Club)에서 성대 심리학과의 최훈석 교수가 “Managing Conflict”라는 주제로 강의했다.


  1. Stereotype Control
  2. Diversity Management
  3. To Be on the ‘Same Page’
  4. Managing Conflict Process
  5. Expand the Pie

Key Take-Away

  • Conflict is multi-faceted, thus strategies for resolving conflict must also be multi-faceted
  • Groups will avoid conflict and/or express it (and interpret it) as type A. Thus, it is crucial to have the structure and process to transform type-A conflict to type-C conflict
  • Diversity and resulting conflict is painful but often functional
  • Avoid the “Fixed-Pie Fallacy” and find integrative solutions
  • Recognition of a super-ordinate goals can elicit cooperation by appealing (ironically) to people’s self-interest

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